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Brand medication names in category Other:

Brand NameGeneric Name 
AralenChloroquinePILLS PRICE
ArcalionSulbutiaminePILLS PRICE
AriceptDonepezil HclPILLS PRICE
BenadrylDiphenhydraminePILLS PRICE
CompazineProchlorperazine MaleatePILLS PRICE
CyklokapronTranexamic AcidPILLS PRICE
DetrolTolterodine TartratePILLS PRICE
DitropanOxybutynin ChloridePILLS PRICE
DramamineDimenhydrinatePILLS PRICE
ExelonRivastigminePILLS PRICE
FlorinefFludrocortisone AcetatePILLS PRICE
ImitrexSumatriptanPILLS PRICE
LasixFurosemide, FrusemidePILLS PRICE
MyambutolEthambutol HydrochloridePILLS PRICE
NimotopNimodipinePILLS PRICE
PersantineDipyridamolePILLS PRICE
PletalCilostazolPILLS PRICE
RifaterRifampin/Isoniazid/PyrazinamidePILLS PRICE
RocaltrolCalcitriolPILLS PRICE
StratteraAtomoxetinePILLS PRICE
TiclidTiclopidine HydrochloridePILLS PRICE
UrecholineBethanechol ChloridePILLS PRICE
UrispasFlavoxate HclPILLS PRICE
VermoxMebendazolePILLS PRICE
ZyloprimAllopurinolPILLS PRICE

Generic medication names in category Other:

Generic NameBrand Name 
AllopurinolZyloprimPILLS PRICE
Alpha-Lipoic AcidPILLS PRICE
Ascorbic AcidPILLS PRICE
AtomoxetineStratteraPILLS PRICE
Bethanechol ChlorideUrecholinePILLS PRICE
CalcitriolRocaltrolPILLS PRICE
ChloroquineAralenPILLS PRICE
CilostazolPletalPILLS PRICE
DihydroergotoxinePILLS PRICE
DimenhydrinateDramaminePILLS PRICE
DiphenhydramineBenadrylPILLS PRICE
DipyridamolePersantinePILLS PRICE
Donepezil HclAriceptPILLS PRICE
Ethambutol HydrochlorideMyambutolPILLS PRICE
Flavoxate HclUrispasPILLS PRICE
Fludrocortisone AcetateFlorinefPILLS PRICE
Furosemide, FrusemideLasixPILLS PRICE
MebendazoleVermoxPILLS PRICE
NimodipineNimotopPILLS PRICE
Oxybutynin ChlorideDitropanPILLS PRICE
Prochlorperazine MaleateCompazinePILLS PRICE
Rifampin/Isoniazid/PyrazinamideRifaterPILLS PRICE
RivastigmineExelonPILLS PRICE
SulbutiamineArcalionPILLS PRICE
SumatriptanImitrexPILLS PRICE
Ticlopidine HydrochlorideTiclidPILLS PRICE
Tolterodine TartrateDetrolPILLS PRICE
Tranexamic AcidCyklokapronPILLS PRICE

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Generic Isoflavone
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Generic Ethinylstradiolmcg
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Generic Duovir-N
Generic Femara
Generic Antivert
Generic Asacol
Generic Ketotifen
Generic Lexapro
Generic Colospa
Generic Oxsoralen
Generic Foliccid
Generic Mexitil
Generic Provera
Generic Remeron
Generic Depo-Provera
Generic Moclobemide
Generic Metaproterenol
Generic Nicotineolacrilex
Generic Metoprolol
Generic Nimotop
Generic Minomycin
Generic Nitroglycerin
Generic Cytotec
Generic Cycrin
Generic Procardiad
Generic Nicotine
Generic Trileptal
Generic Oxytetracycline
Generic Gatifloxacin
Generic Prinzide
Generic Piracetam
Generic Flunarizine
Generic Paxilr
Generic Normadate
Generic Trivastal
Generic Meticorten
Generic Macrobid
Generic Pen-Vee-K
Generic Reboxetine
Generic Dibenzyline
Generic Rifater
Generic Lyrica
Generic Requip
Generic Seroquel
Generic Rifampin
Generic Orap
Generic Zelnorm
Generic Quinine
Generic Pepcidomplete
Generic Tianeptine
Generic Ethinylstradiol
Generic Tinidazole
Generic Vytorin
Generic Cyklokapron
Generic Tizanidine
Generic Micardis
Generic Orinase
Generic Triomune
Generic Rulide
Generic Urso
Generic Progesterone
Generic Topamax
Generic Tricormg
Generic Valparin
Generic Imitrex
Generic Maxalt
Generic Arcalion
Generic Valdecoxib
Generic Cetirizine
Generic Rythmol
Generic Cyproheptadine
Generic Valsartan
Generic Diphenhydramine
Generic Claritin
Generic Hydroxyzine
Generic Tarmadol
Generic Pheniramine
Generic Clemastine
Generic Promethazine Theoclate
Generic Desyrel

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